Our core business - Trading

RTIPL is into worldwide trading of Electrical goods and serves all over India and overseas for all reputed & reliable brands, i.e. Smart Televisions, LED Lights, etc.

Personal Safety Supplies

Thermometer Gun


Covid Test Kit

Face Shield

3ply Mask

N95 Mask

Import of high-end cars

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Bulk deals/ container basis Import/ Trading

Choose what you prefer

It doesn’t matter if you prioritize price, features or design; RTIPL has choices that can accommodate all three. The options available to entry-level consumers have become better, ever since smaller manufacturers entered and flooded the market with top-quality products without the price. We’re trying to carry the torch by offering you the best of both the worlds: name-brand products.

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LCD/ LED/ UHD TV panels?

Whether you’re looking for a single-purpose television or modern Smart TV panel that can do more, we have it with us. Browse through our catalogue of high-definition and ultra high-definition televisions panels, all of which have cut-down prices so you can buy it today. Don’t wait anymore for the televisions panels you’ve been wanting, and look for it with us.

Our promise

We take pride in always offering competitive prices on our products. This is why many customers continue to trust us, and we aren’t just talking about homeowners but corporate companies, shopping malls, world renowned hotel brands, Institutes and shops. As appliance liquidators, our word is half of our commitment. Of course, We are the team that does what’s necessary so you can get what you want!

Certificated in these fields

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Personalized options for household moves and residential shipments.


For best interior and to impress the visitors.

Commercial and corporate

In the corporate companies for the best infrastructure.

Event Companies & Trade Shows

Where no limits for electricals for the Success of the show.

Shopping Malls

One of the biggest entertainment point where the electricals are major part.


For giving the luxuries services to coming customers.