Shipping Policy

  • Express Shipping
The Company hereby offers an Express Shipping service in order to ensure speedy delivery of the Products to its Users , within a day of placing the order on the website. “(3 Hours Delivery)” . The terms and conditions for the Express Shipping Service are as set out hereinbelow which are in addition to these Terms and Conditions –
  1. In order to avail the Express Shipping Service, the User shall, while purchasing the Products on the Website, have to select “3 Hours Delivery” option.
  1. On selecting the “3 Hours Delivery” option, the Products purchased by the Users shall be delivered within a duration of Twenty Four (24) Hours from the time the Invoice is generated.
  1. The Express Shipping Service shall be available in selected cities which are as set out on the Website.
  1. We offer FREE SHIPPING for all express shipping products except for the order with a cart value of less than Rupees Three Thousand (Rs 3,000) which will be subject to express shipping charge of Rupees Seventy Five(Rs 75)
  1. The Products which are ordered between of 6.00 P.M To 11.00 A.M shall be delivered to the User by 2.00 P.M on the next working day.
  1. The Company shall exercise all possible measures to ensure that any Product ordered under the Express Shipping Service option is delivered within Twenty four (24) hours from the time of placement of the order on the Website subject to successful realization of payment made against the said Order and availability of the Product(s). However, the User understands and undertakes that the User shall not hold the Company, responsible or liable for any delay in shipment of Product due to circumstances beyond the control of the Company, provided, the Company takes all required and necessary steps to ensure shipment of the Product within above mentioned timelines.
  1. The terms and conditions of the Return Policy of Home Delivery (Clause VIII) and Exchange/Replacement of Home Delivery (Clause IX) and Refund Policy (Clause XII) shall apply to Products delivered under the Express Shipping Service option.